Metablockchain acts as a generating application environment for Blockchain-based systems developers. It operates universally, regardless if a database is local or cloud-based, and given its layered architecture, independently of the structures of the original source of data. Metablockchain builds on a metalanguage encoding the information in the form of metadata, which later (re)generates in a descriptive yet concise way.

Within the Metablockchain environment, developers are encouraged to build metadata blocks with regards to storage (used for authentification, database data, file systems/blob files), processing (stateful or stateless business logic, or high performance computations), communications (connections in networks of data / value / state) and transactions (secure transfers).

The Logchain application can track both the location and the recipient of a product in transfer in real-time operating solely on Blockchain technology (with Smart contracts). More specifically, a user interested in ordering a transaction using Blockchain technology has to provide the following data:

– Risk management (geographically, space, air, area, plant, asset level)
– Date
– Product details
– Starting destination
– Final destination
– Sender’s details
– Receiver’s details
– Final recipient’s details

When the product touches base on a destination, the end-user confirms its delivery and either calls the final recipient to sign or assigns a new recipient and repeats the procedure.

i.e if someone orders a transfer from Greece to the Netherlands, a route chosen because of the lack of direct transfer links, a logistics company based in Greece will have to initiate the transfer to Italy. The recipient company in Italy will have to confirm the product’s delivery and reassign the transfer to the Netherlands. When in Netherlands, the recipient company will have to confirm that the product reached its final destination and then send it to the individual that was originally sent to.

Logchain app has the capacity to track the exact location of a sending product and its recipient in real-time while ensuring maximum security and transparency. Besides all the pros deriving from its Blockchain-based architecture, it guarantees efficiency, traceability, speed and cost-reduction.