The tap2SOS bracelet provides instant access to data for the identification of the wearer enabling first responders to communicate with relatives, care givers and authorities.

Tap2sos.com is a reliable solution for patients with diabetes, the elderly, unaccompanied children, for people requiring special attention, people with disabilities, people with chronic diseases or terminal conditions, Alzheimer patients and many others in need of providing identification information 'on the spot'.

Tap2sos is a simple, innovative and most importantly low cost solution, available ‘on demand’, activated by a tap of a smartphone. It is a simple IoT (internet of things), M2M (machine to machine) product, developed using a combination of the latest technologies in Cloud computing, able to ensure your data safety using Blockchain Technology while maintaining mobile connectivity and communication networks for smartphones.

Competitive features

• Real-time connectivity between patients and caregivers, paramedics, first responder
• Unlimited data capacity
• Fast data transfer
• Move your data in the most secure and timely manner
• Location services
• GDPR Compliant | Designed according to EU protocols, powered by Blockchain technology