"Fylakio Mnimis" (Memory Box)

“What is engraved is more resistant to corrosion and destruction than time. So the engraving serves the memory in a way." - Xenophon Sahinis

In 1996, Xenophon Sahinis began using plexiglass as a suitable material for his creations. Its transparency inspired the artist in the struggle between memory and oblivion. The "Memory Box" is a transparent cube that contains the tangible memory of the act of etching that emerges from the Plexiglas matrices. In this three-dimensional box the memory is protected in perpetuity while the two mirrors multiply it to infinity.

A few words about the artist

The first Greek Artwork NFT created by the famous Greek artist Xenofon Sachinis!

We are proud to support our Greek partner Blockchain Factory to launch the first Greek NFT artwork.

This unique collection is launched by Blockchain Factory in Greece and powered by Blockchain2050 in The Netherlands

Fylakia Mnimis(Memory Box) is a collection of 555 unique video NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each NFT represents the idea of Memory that is contained in a Fylakio Mnimis (Memory Box).It is a unique piece of Art made by the drypoint technique , applied on a transparent plexiglass. This Memory Box created by the Greek famous Artist Xenis Sachinis, encapsulates the history of the symbols that all inmates of the Nazi Camps wore on their uniform and at the same time, it embodies the presence of Memory and Nemesis. By putting the engraved and inked matrix between two mirrors, in this three dimensional box, we multiply its idol to the infinitive, thus protecting Memory to perpetuity.